“Alexa, call my VMR”

“Alexa, call my VMR”

Smart home devices are taking households by storm. The industry is projected to reach $195 billion in sales by 2021.  Devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home are voice activated, and can provide unprecedented control and convenience within a home environment – from turning on lights, to ordering groceries, to playing music or reading a book to you on demand, to even ordering an Uber if you like.

So how does this relate to video conferencing you ask? Well it didn’t, until a colleague of mine excitedly came out of a meeting with Videonor partner, Interactive Solutions, Inc. who had recently “voice enabled” their conference room with Amazon’s Alexa technology.

ISI provides technology solutions to a variety of clients in the healthcare, corporate, government, and higher education space. ISI integrates the latest conferencing and audiovisual hardware and software technology into customized systems that connect organizations to their workers and to the world. Dedicated to forward thinking, ISI is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience with technology and voice command/control is an avenue by which to do so.

After careful consideration on the smart device to implement, ISI chose the Echo Dot powered by Alexa.  The reason was three fold – one, the Dot has a compact and sleek design, so it’s minimally invasive in existing conference room systems. Two, this device was developed with the consumer in mind – for convenience and ease for everyday use. And lastly: adoptability. Technology like touch pads can be simple to use, but even they can be an intimidating technology for many people.  However, if you can incorporate the very devices you use in your home into a work environment, the greater the likelihood is that there will be a higher adoption rate amongst users.

The best part of solutions such as these are that the “IT guy” will thank you for it.  Imagine the simplicity and “wow” factor of walking into a meeting room with a big exec and simply saying “Alexa, call my meeting space” and next thing you know you’re in your VMR ready to go.

Of course, the capabilities can extend well beyond this example to control the sharing of content, to environmental and display controls.   What’s next…telepathy control?  It is plausible but for now, products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are poised to have a bright future in both our personal and professional lives.  To find out more regarding conferencing or audiovisual related products or services to provide that extra “sizzle”, contact Interactive Solutions, Inc.  for additional information.

The only command I need now is: “Alexa, end blog post”.


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