Case Study: SHARP

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Case Study: SHARP




Worldwide innovation leader, Sharp Business Systems Sverige AB, strikes partnership with Videonor to excel visual communication capabilities with Skype for Business Interoperability



Sharp offers a wide range of market leading B2B products and solutions in the Nordics, including Document Management, Visual Solutions, Payment Solutions, and IT Services.

Sharp helps companies and organizations to reduce cost, increase productivity – while improving collaboration and making sure business information is available and secure.



One product line of Sharp Business Systems is “visual solutions” which includes video conferencing hardware and so ware. As this rapidly evolving marketplace changes, they were nding that customers had requests, and requirements that they could not fulfill – in particular service providers that would allow interop with their Office 365 customers. So how does a company overcome this? Building their own video service would be costly and take time and expertise that Sharp was not prepared to put so many resources into – especially since it’s just a single line of their many businesses.

Sharp also found that it was more difficult to sell a full “visual communications” package if they could not meet all the customers requests. Sharp needed to be able to sell an entire solution from top to bottom without risking customers going to other providers entirely.

Existing customers with Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments had great functionality, except when wanting to connect to conference rooms with Cisco video endpoints.



Sharp has added Videnor’s integration products to their o erings of video collaboration tools. ere are two integration products: the Personal Meeting Room (PMRs), and Skype for Business Gateway (S4B Gateway). Both products bring interop to SIP and H.323 endpoints within the native Skype for Business app. PMRs are for Office 365 customers (cloud based), and the S4B Gateway is for customers with AV-MCU or hosted deployments. The AV-MCU customers host the majority of calls on-premise, and only uses the S4B Gateway when using the likes of Cisco and Polycom video systems where they need cloud-based interop. With this versatility across deployments, Sharp can bring interoperability to customers with any type of deployment.


christer abrahamsson“The addition of Personal Meeting Rooms makes us more competitive in a tough market. Being able to offer a UC solution from top to bottom will allow us to grow even further in the visual communication market”


– Christer Abrahamsson, Nordic Business Director Visual Solutions.


Personal Meeting Rooms offer an Outlook plugin so your meeting room info will automatically populate within the meeting invite with connection info for all devices and platforms, including SIP, phone, S4B, and WebRTC.



The last 5 months Sharp has captured 10-15 new and existing customers with the Videonor services, and piqued the interest of many more. In May, Sharp in Sweden hosted “House of Sharp”, a partner and customer event in Stockholm, where the Personal Meeting Rooms were introduced, and found quite the buzz on the Skype for Business Interop. “These services combined with our new visual products make our offer very interesting to our customers”, says Abrahamsson.

Sharp can now truly offer a top to bottom video conferencing solution for both existing and new customers, all while adding a recurring revenue stream through the SaaS model.

Moving forward, the PMR and the S4B Gateway are scalable. It takes time for organizations to begin adopting visual communication, and the integration products will economically scale as capacity needs grow. Videonor’s detailed data and analytics will illustrate when these customer needs arise and o er up-selling opportunities for Sharp. Additionally, If an organization starts out utilizing their on-premise deployment with S4B Gateway, and later moves to Office 365 as their organization evolves, the PMR can simply and easily take over. As a provider, Sharp can stay competitive through changes in the customer landscape, and solidify their brand image to commitment to innovation.



  1. Recurring revenue stream with SaaS
  2. Fully white labeled services allow the Sharp brand to stand on its own
  3. Flexible solution with expert know-how
  4. On-demand scalability





For more information on partnerships with Videonor, contact us:



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