Company Spotlight: Caleb Robertson on Sales Over Video

Company Spotlight: Caleb Robertson on Sales Over Video

How To Sell Over Video vs the Phone

Sales tools have evolved. From door to door, to phone, to email, the way we communicate to potential customers is always changing. And now again, in the wise words of recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin.”

Sales teams are gaining more access to video as a sales tool. Over the past year I’ve done the vast majority of my sales calls over video. In the process, I’ve noticed that there are a few differences between the two mediums, and how you can use video to both parties’ advantage.

Caleb Robertson, Videonor, Senior Partner Manager
Caleb Robertson, Videonor, Senior Partner Manager
  • Body Language

93% of communication is nonverbal, and as I’ve begun to primarily sell over video vs. the phone, this has never been more apparent.  The information a prospect gives through their body language is invaluable to guiding the conversation in the right direction.

On a demo with a prospect, I have 30 minutes to make an impression, and it’s imperative to make the best use of that time. With a large scope of information I could touch on turning a meeting, I take their non-verbal cues to point the conversation to their points of importance. On video, I’ve learned what to take cues on simple and subtle motions like; nodding when I make a point, leaning forward, taking a note, etc. You can also see if their attention is waning and ask a direct question to reengage them.

  • Rapport Building

Building rapport with prospects is much easier when you can see the person. If you’re selling over the phone, it can be necessary to do a lot of research before the call in order to find common ground with someone. However, when someone joins a video call from their desk or even from a conference room, there is a lot of material to draw from.

Many times, I’ve had a prospect join a call and noticed their vacation pictures or the view from their office or (if they are working from home) their cat or dog in the background. People love to discuss those things and it’s a great natural icebreaker.

  • Pricing

Many people are uncomfortable talking about price. As someone who is in sales, I need to be used to it and moreover, enjoy it. Doing this forces you to be confident and authoritative (within reason) when talking dollar signs – especially over video where body language needs to match the subject matter. Leading with confidence will entice your customers to follow suit.  

On the flip side, this can be a huge advantage to a seller since you are getting verbal and physical cues on their reaction – you are walking into the meeting knowing what you will offer, and they will be more candid in their response over video.


Overall, video meetings are faster, shorten the decision making process, and minimize miscommunication.  They develop stronger relationships and build trust as you are able to look someone in the eye when speaking to them – and hopefully while closing a big deal. 

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