Did You Know… Videonor Can Stream, Record, and Distribute Meetings?

Did You Know… Videonor Can Stream, Record, and Distribute Meetings?

Videonor has made it extremely easy to access video conferencing from anywhere at any time. From your browser, conference room, or desktop application (even by phone) – you can click into a meeting with ease.

Like anything else – 100% efficiency is hard to come by. Some meetings are, inevitably, missed.

How do we fix that? Easy – with streaming, recording, and distribution of your videos!


This feature is ideal for large meetings, courses, or seminars.  The host of the meeting clicks into a weblink and then clicks the stream button. The host can invite as many people as they’d like to view the live stream through a simple email & link, allowing large groups to watch a meeting without having dozens of participant screens cluttering up windows.  To ensure the best quality regardless of device or participant location, all streams are delivered over QoS.VC.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 11.17.20 PM



Videonor’s Recording feature is supported by Rec.VC – making the recording process interoperable with all video conferencing technologies.  Including but not limited to : Acano, Cisco, Logitech, Pexip, Polycom, Skype for Business, Starleaf, Telylabs. All video recordings are in quality HD format (720p).



How complicated is recording distribution? Just send the link! Now all the important information you’ve stored can be sent and accessed by anyone, anywhere. This has been a key feature for organizations who need to store information and share with future users or absent parties, as seen by Algerian Foreigners in Norway. The unique link to a recorded video can be emailed to external viewers.  The playback simply uses the default player in the viewer’s browser.

If you would like more information on adding streaming, recording, and distribution options to your video meetings, contact a Videonor sales rep.

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