Videonor Connect Mobile App Privacy Policy

For full audio & visual functionality, the Videonor Connect app requires permission to access the camera and microphone of the conferencing device. You can enable access upon the in-app prompt during the first time you join a meeting, after which, preferences can be adjusted in your device settings.  Once your Videonor Connect permission settings are on, you are able to turn the microphone and camera on and off via touchscreen within the application during calls.

The Videonor Connect app transmits audio and visual data by way of end-to-end encryption.  Conference participants are the only people able to receive live unencrypted data. Videonor does not store or distribute audio and video produced during video conferences.

Personal information (email, phone, etc) is not required to use the Videonor app.  Users are responsible to abide by all applicable recording and privacy laws.

Videonor reserves the right to update privacy policies, and will note the date of the latest revisions.   Current policy as of: 9/29/16

Videonor Mobile App Privacy Policy