I’ve written previously about a huge adoption lag many businesses face being an educational gap between traditional web conferences and modern (dare I say, contemporary) video conferencing.

Here we can breathe a tidbit of different life into the professional world with the musings of the famous French painter.

 “Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.”

The SaaS world and its immediate relatives have done near immeasurable good for modern workforces with the advent of tools used to automate archaic processes and all things of that nature. Video conferencing is no different – but it’s easy to forget amidst fund raising and valuations en masse that people (and their businesses) are constantly evolving.

 There’s a lot going on, all of the time. As Claude said – it’s enough to drive one mad.


Sales Hacker recently ran a piece on screen sharing and why it’s necessary – the quick, pertinent read is largely correct. I’m particularly drawn to one tidbit – given my current line of work.

In the section titled The Advantage of Spontaneity the author writes:

(slightly edited)

“Screen sharing has a way of eliminating pretence and adding a little spontaneous flare to a presentation. While fielding questions in a more traditional presentation format, your audience members can easily become lost.” 

This is very important – and like any other idea in business, it warrants consideration and expansion in order to properly evolve with you. In this I mean that, when not executed properly, a screen share can feel very much similar to this :


Here’s where we can find the expansion on spontaneity with the ability to screen share on command while a face to face conversation is taking place.

Equal Layout (1)

In this equal layout video conference scenario (above) – you can see the presenter in the small square at the upper right corner. In this instance he has the control to screen share and un-screen share as he sees fit.

With Screen Sharing (1)

Above is the active, on command screen share where presenter status is denoted by his window staying in the same place while others are consolidated. A face to face video conference is still very much active while the screen share is taking place, and everyone has an equal visual of the document.


 Obviously – there are sales scenarios (new hire training, working from home with the newborn, etc.) where real time video conferencing is not that applicable. The Sales Hacker article does a wonderful job of identifying such scenarios.

 However – in terms of the aforementioned spontaneous-ness of screen sharing – its effectiveness is only heightened by the ability to put it on and take it away without notice. This creates urgency and obligates the presentees to be actively involved in what’s going on – in most cases this will move the meeting along at a good pace, keep conversations topically relevant, and return all parties wasted minutes from other parts of their day.

There’s always more to learn – be like Monet, not the droning lecture.

Want to learn more about the Mayan Ruins, how to make cheese out of a broomstick, and the advantages of cloud based video communication?

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