One Button to Push (OBTP)


You're just a click away from entering your next meeting from a video endpoint

One-button-to-push is a feature that allows users to join a meeting by the click of a button from a designated endpoint panel. 10 minutes before a scheduled meeting a prompt will appear on the panel, and users simply click to join.

The power of the Videonor Cloud Solution and Synergy Join creates a wide range of integrations and automations, making video meetings as easy as ever. 

How it works

The dialing process is automated so booked meeting rooms (with endpoints) will have a prompt to join their respective meeting, and instead of dialing in, the user simply clicks “join meeting”. External parties are forwarded automatically.  OBTP is supported by on-premise installations of Microsoft Skype for Business and Exchange, as well as Office 365.

  • If you are the host: Create a meeting invitation in your native video app (S4B, Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams), add participants and your video endpoint.  10 minutes before your meeting starts, your endpoint will display “Join meeting”, on the meeting display screen. Your endpoint will be automatically gatewayed into the call.
  • If you are a guest: Receive a meeting invite, and simply forward the invitation to your video meeting room address, and join the call by pushing the “Join meeting” displayed on the endpoint panel.  


OBTP does not require additional training for users, and there are no changes in their workflow.  Users book/schedule meetings with the click of a button  The one-click feature immediately gets you into your meeting, which reduces late starts, missed meetings, and eliminates frustrating technical hurdles  The ease of use improves general overall adoption of video meetings within an organization.

Imagine walking into a conference room and your meeting is all cued up...

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