Do something new!

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Do something new!

“We have a really busy sales pit and I don’t want our prospects to see that.”

“I don’t want people to see I’m working from home and my cat is on my lap.”

“I despise being on camera, so I don’t think I’d like video chatting with a prospect.”

Over the past few months at Videonor, these are some of the obstacles people have shared about why they are hesitant to use video.

And I get it. For years it has been much easier to just talk to someone over the phone and use screen sharing tools when they had something additional to share. It is the method that so many are used to and happy to use.

So everytime I hear objections like that, I’m reminded of the following quote from Henry Ford:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Only 9.1% of sales meetings end in a sale. That’s what we’ve “always got.” And when you find out that 47% of people use the bathroom in a conference call or 25% have played Angry Birds, you see how important the medium through which you communicate is.

I’ve run into these issues many times. I’ve called people and not really known if they were paying attention. I’ve run demos where I’m 99% sure the other person was eating lunch, or answering emails, or talking to other people in their office.

Facial express and body language make up 55% of a person’s message. If you just use the phone and email to connect with your prospects, you are missing out on over HALF of what the person on the other end is actually saying.

While it isn’t feasible to do every sales meeting in person, you can run every one over video. And the quotes I heard above don’t seem so big when you realize that simply overcoming your insecurities and embracing your culture will help you close more business.

The cat on your lap and the fun sales pit are going to be a part of what help you stand out from every other boring meeting during the sales process.

So use video. It’s fun and you’ll realize that there’s no way you’d go back to the old way.

If you want to know more about our solutions, or just chat about visual communications, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Maintain the excellent job and generating the crowd!

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