Skype for Business Gateway

Introducing Videonor's AV-MCU Microsoft solution for enterprise customers: Skype for Business Gateway

The Skype for Business (S4B) Gateway is a cloud-based video conferencing gateway that improves the S4B platform for enterprise customers. With the Gateway, S4B users can now connect to all SIP and H.323 endpoints in the same way they invite other S4B participants to video meetings. This is accomplished without additional apps or training for an organization’s employees.

Key Features

  • Invite H.323/SIP endpoints into a Skype for Business meeting
  • Use the S4B Gateway service to route incoming calls directly into an ad hoc or scheduled S4B meeting
  • When dialed into a VMR conference, invite other S4B or external contacts into that same VMR
  • Receive and initiate person-to-person calls with standards-based devices



What about the AV-MCU that I, or my customers already have?

You don’t have to move your customers over to the cloud to make the S4B Gateway work. All internal calls on S4B and audio only will continue to be hosted on the existing AV-MCU, and additional calls will be supported on the Videonor Cloud. This will allow for a cost effective expansion of your existing S4B solution.

How do you schedule meetings for the Skype for Business Gateway?

  1. The user will start by booking a meeting through the S4B button, found natively in Outlook.
  2. All relevant dial-in information is automatically added to the invitation, including information on joining through WebRTC or SIP registered endpoints.
  3. The invitees will accept the invitation and join via their preferred method.

The bottom line...

  • For the enterprise that has invested in both video conferencing endpoints and Microsoft’s S4B, Videonor’s Skype for Business Gateway means better adoption rates, better return on investment, and more intuitive usage.
  • S4B Gateway removes many of the challenges related to meeting across technology barriers.
  • As a result, companies and meeting participants can make better decisions faster, driving business processes and results.