Endpoint Registration

Take your video conferencing endpoint off-prem, and into the Videonor Cloud.

The Videonor Endpoint Registration service provides hosting for all standards-based video conferencing endpoints. For businesses who are using video regularly, the the Videonor Cloud solution will eliminate your need for an on-prem server – saving your company the huge costs of supporting and maintaining servers.

Endpoint registration supports:

  • H.323/SIP endpoints
  • Cisco
  • Polycom
  • Lifesize
  • Logitech
  • Others? Just ask. We’re always adding new technology.



Why would I need to register my endpoint to the Videonor cloud?

Devices registered to the Videonor cloud are: highly secure, interoperable with Skype for Business and WebRTC, white labeled and brand customizable, and, easily set-up within minutes – all at a fraction of the cost of VCS.

Alternatively, when endpoints are registered via IP, it comes at nearly no financial cost, other costs are numerous: poor security (robo calling and fishing), lack of interoperability, poor dialing experience with unbranded and confusing addresses.

If your endpoint is registered via VCS, many of the security issues IP registration presents are solved, however, it’s solved at massive financial costs, including: maintenance, servers, employee time and resources.


Hosting for all standards-based video conferencing endpoints & configuration

Unlimited calls (interally & externally)

Global video roaming over a QoS network with PoPs all over the world

Integration with a video conference directory supporting over 40,000 entries

Leverages pricey hardware investments previously made

Eliminates on-prem maintenance costs