Virtual Meeting Rooms

Videonor bridging service utilizes your existing video conferencing capabilities and allows them to talk to one another for a seamless video conferencing experience.

What is a Virtual Meeting Room?

Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) are a lot like regular meeting rooms – it’s a space where you can connect face to face to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. But unlike regular meeting rooms, VMRs allow you to do it from anywhere in the world.

How do VMRs work?

Each VMR has their own unique virtual address to reach them. They look a lot like email addresses, (ex:  Participants can access a room via nearly any device – WebRTC, desktop, tablet, mobile, video client, video endpoint,  or by the phone (audio only).
Once you’re in the VMR, each participant will appear, and the speaker will take the “main stage” (the largest image). This will adjust as new speakers begin.
Other features include: screen/content sharing, recording, and streaming.

Outlook Plugin

The Videonor Outlook Plugin allows users to easily drop Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) information directly into their invite.  The plugin produces all the ways to access a given VMR; including; Skype for Business app, WebRTC, video endpoints, and audio dial-in.

Don’t suffer a delayed meeting because of a typo.  The plugin verifies user input to ensure a valid VMR is both available and correct. If either problem arises, the plugin will recognize the error and suggest a valid VMR to meet in.

The plugin produces one-click links will bring you right into a meeting on WebRTC, or within the Skype for Business App.

Refer to our detailed guide on how to quickly & easily deploy the plugin to users within your organization.  Download the plugin here.

Virtual Meeting Room benefits:

Enjoy seamless interoperability. There’s no need to buy new technologies. Videonor’s interoperability allows users to join in the conversation from any platform.

Connect through bridging. Reach clients, partners, and employees remotely through the Videonor cloud. Connect via desktop, mobile, or other conference systems of your choice.

Put your brand first. Customize the Videonor UI to reflect your company when connecting with clients.

Gain access to top talent around the world. With 24/7 port capacity, you can reach partners at any time, no matter where they are world-wide.

Collaborate effortlessly. Increase productivity by sharing content wirelessly and securely.

Interoperable with:

  • All standard SIP/H.323 endpoints
  • Microsoft Lync & Office 365 Clients
  • Skype for Business Clients
  • Browser based (WebRTC) access
  • Audio dial in
  • MAC
  • PC
  • MOBILE (iOS & Andriod)