Videonor Integrations

True interop with Skype for Business

Videonor’s mission has always been to make video as easy as using the phone – and we take that same commitment to simplicity and usability with S4B interop.

Whether you are on premise on fully migrated to Office 365, Videonor can bring seamless interop to SIP and H323 devices, including Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and so on.

Designed for enterprise organizations using Skype for Business who want to connect to any UC device or platform, Personal Meeting Rooms (PMRs) deliver interoperable bridging within the Skype for Business App employees use everyday.

Experience unparalleled interoperability.

Personal Meeting Rooms by Videonor gives each user their own virtual meeting room that removes the common barriers found in connecting to “the other guy’s” platform.

Work within your ecosystem.

Personal Meeting Rooms function without changing the way your work.  With native notifications and an Outlook plugin, you can access all platforms and devices (including the phone) right from your Skype for Business App.

Employ the PMR management tool for user-level control.

The PMR management tool allows users to control their room’s pins, layout, and security. Since there’s a personal room for each employee, you know it’s always available when you need it.

Scale with ease.

PMRs are cloud-based, so the software is always up to date and can easily scale with a business’ needs.

What about the AV-MCU that I, or my customers already have?

The Skype for Business Gateway brings you all the interop of a PMR, but works on an on-premise or hosted deployment. All internal calls on S4B and audio only will continue to be hosted on the existing AV-MCU, and additional calls will be supported on the Videonor Cloud. This will allow for a cost effective expansion of your existing S4B solution.  The management tool you find in a PMR can also be used for the Skype for Business Gateway.

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Videonor’s Outlook Plugin for Personal Meeting Rooms makes scheduling a breeze

  1. Create a new meeting and add participants, subject, and location as you normally do.
  2. Now click, “Add Room Info” and the plugin adds the PMR’s room information to the invite.
  3. Your meeting is now booked, just press “Send”.

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