Spotlight: Kamal Amer on Customer Relationship Management

Spotlight: Kamal Amer on Customer Relationship Management

As a person from a multi-cultural family (that means above 3) I have had the opportunity to interact and experience a great variety of people. Which also resulted in many travels across the oceans and continents.

Lucky enough to be brought up with 3 languages, picking up 2 more along the way made me realize how rich one is with so little. This in turn opened many doors, which one of them was being a training specialist for products with multi national companies such as Google, YouTube and Microsoft. (I wasn’t that fortunate to be directly working for them, but it was good enough to be a subsidiary).

Today my job entitles administering Videonor’s CRM system as well as being part of the Customer success team which Monika Refvik heads. What does that mean you will ask? Well definitely not that the customer is always right! Rather to make sure the customer is always satisfied. You see, a lot of people fail to understand that sales isn’t the main objective for being a successful company, they underestimate the knowledge and need factor. In short there is no point selling a hat to person that needs a hat if he doesn’t know how to use it. Confused? Alright, let me put it this way, selling is one thing, but keeping a customer happy, maintaining this need to remain a loyal customer is a totally different matter; and it all starts with training.

Training a customer on how to use a product makes them understand more the reasons behind spending whatever amount of money they invested in those beautiful screens and virtual rooms. Once a customer is on-boarded to the Customer Success Program, we make sure they have full grasp of how to access those great feature Videonor delivers, that includes training, follow ups and statistics to ensure the quality standard we promise our clients. You might be tempted to say “why train us when we already used video-conferencing before?”

The simple answer to this is, consider it knowledge refresher. Or for those new employees of yours that never had the chance to experience Videonor interface, to have a feel of it and connect with the human being on the other side of the screen that will be always available for your help when and if you need it.

The final decision is up to the customer of course and for being part of our expanding culture and clienteles, we must recommend what we know by previous experience gives the best results to our end customer.


Written by Kamal Amer, Videonor Customer Success

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