Spotlight: Product insight from the Head of R&D

Spotlight: Product insight from the Head of R&D

Spotlight by Håvard Holvik, Head of Research & Development, Videonor

Despite having been in the software development “business” for only 2-3 years, we have managed to introduce quite a few software products to our customers.

  • We have a Mac/Windows video client for people who are used to point-to-point calls in a SIP/H323 environment.
  • A Mac/Windows app which gives users with a personal VMR a simple administration interface and notifications when people enter a meeting.
  • An Outlook plugin which makes it a breeze for users to schedule video meetings, not having to care about whether the other participants have video equipment or not.
  • We also have a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows users away from their primary computer to join in on meetings.

One of our main strengths is our flexible products. Whether your company needs video for internal point-to-point calls, or plans to hold multi-participant meetings with people outside the business, we’ve got you covered.  Our goal is to provide high-quality software to all our users; from the one-time guest in a video meeting, to the video “power user” who makes several video-calls a day. We strive to make video meetings hassle-free for everyone involved.

We also want to stay fresh and interesting. Our users should not feel they are stuck using outdated products. We want to ship regular updates to assure our users they have our focus. To a small development team as ours, staying current has proven to be a challenge given the number of distinct software products in our offering.

In order to face this challenge we are currently working on consolidating our aforementioned software products into a single video service. The service will be accessible on the web, giving you the ability to perform your usual video-related tasks right from your browser, be it as a guest, meeting host, or as an administrator. Users in need of advanced features such as notifications, calendar integration; don’t worry. Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS will be available to access the service from your desktop computer or mobile phone.

We are really excited about our new approach. It enables us to add exciting new features with greater speed, and improvements will benefit ALL our users, not only users of app “A” or app “B”. Stay tuned.


Technically speaking…

We have moved from 3-4 software projects, each with its own code base, build process, to-do list etc, to one single software project. The prominence of the Javascript language and frameworks such as React and React Native allows us to maintain a single codebase which can “compile” to a website, a desktop app, and a mobile app.

Having a single codebase has numerous benefits. It allows us to share common application logic, reducing overhead when developing for multiple platforms, and forces us (in a good way) to take all platforms into consideration when developing new features. We have a single integrated build process which produces the apps automatically whenever code is committed. This allows us to move forwards on “all fronts”.

To ensure we stay on top of things, we have also added detailed error reporting and analytics on all platforms. We intend to have someone “on the case” whenever users experience problems.

Håvard Holvik, Head of R&D, Videonor
Håvard Holvik, Head of R&D, Videonor

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