Spotlight: Reflections on the 2017 Kick-off from our Sales VP

Spotlight: Reflections on the 2017 Kick-off from our Sales VP

Espen Nijjer is responsible for developing and managing partnerships, new products, and in charge of all sales. He is a no-nonsense guy who values integrity and the cultivation of good, long term relationships. Here are his thoughts & reflections on the Videonor Sales kick off in Amsterdam: 

Just returned after four days in Amsterdam, where we had our sales kick off and joined Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). Meeting with both sales teams (EU and US) is always good times, and we set some nice goals for 2017. Really pumped for this year. ISE on the other hand can sometimes be too much. Make no mistake, I enjoy seeing new collaboration stuff, and to meet with new and existing partners. What I’m having trouble with is the size of it all, and the sållj – which is (fair to say) a non-translatable expression from Måløy. Also, not being born with a sense of direction doesn’t make it any cooler for me at the ISE. However, it’s easy to go on with the days when you know they will end with beer.

why worryStaying positive and optimistic is something I value a lot, and for most of the times things are going quite well at Videonor Sales. Occasionally though, the teams need to be reminded of the “don’t worry be happy” sketch. It’s practically a mantra to live by, in order to keep things real. It also makes a lot sense if you’ve been renovating your own house for say, 2 years. I believe most colleagues, partners (and some customers) know not to bring up the renovation unless I mention it first…. It’s a sensitive subject. 

I’m sometimes asked how it is to run both EU and US sales teams. Honestly, it’s more or less the same game. Obviously there are differences in the marketplaces, with competition, partners etc, and the US guys of course seem way politer than their European colleagues. More well-mannered. Well, they’re not. Once you get to know them they’re just as crazy as anyone else. Both sales teams are eventually run the same way regardless;

They’re honest and great salespersons. They are absolutely fantastic. They are the best. There’s no one like them. No one. It’s true. All other sales people are fake. Fake scumbags. No but seriously; my guys are skilled and honest, and I love them. At Videonor we require some specific character traits from our sales team members, such as honesty, curiosity, willingness to listen and to learn, and the ability to understand how different technologies will impact our customers.

Espen Nijjer, Videonor VP of Sales
Espen Nijjer, Videonor VP of Sales

We’ve built an organization that cares deeply about our customers and our partners, and the Videonor corporate culture and values have time and time again shown to be a competitive differentiator. Besides, it makes perfect sense for us to care about the desired outcomes of our customers and our partners; the happier they are with our services and our people, the less churn we will see and the more deals we will be able to close.

Now, I’m very excited about the launch of a new Videonor product that is going to be unique in the global marketplace, and have great value to all S4B partners and end users out there. Stay tuned!

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