Spotlight: Virtual Insanity – “Travelling without Moving” by Torbjørn Moi

Spotlight: Virtual Insanity – “Travelling without Moving” by Torbjørn Moi

In 1996, a British funk band call Jamiroquai released an album called “Travelling without moving”. A lot has happened since then, except me still listening to old funky music, but the title has always been in the back of my head, even more so now, since working with video conferencing.

Virtually any thought of “traveling without moving” in 1996, was insane for most people. Those who had an internet-connection used a 28.8Kbps modem, or if you were really into getting through the 100.000 web-pages present at the time, you´d go all in with the 33.6Kbps modem.

Basically, not much to brag of compared to the technology and insanely high capacity we have today.

2010, just before leaving my former employer for Videonor, I made one last customer related trip – a status meeting. Long story short; 7.5 hours of traveling, a 2 hour meeting, my expertise needed for about 15 minutes, and the whole time, I was staring at a Tandberg video conferencing system in the corner, with a flower on top of it.  And make no mistake, the flowers looked ok but I was seconds away from getting up yelling “nobody put´s baby in a corner”. That’s when I knew I had done the right thing. Videoconferencing was my call. World – prepare to be changed.

Since then I have used all my time working to get partners and customers hooked on using video conferencing. Not just selling it, but making it matter to the customers. Make it worth their time listening to our message, with hopes they join the video revolution and reap the benefits.

A friend of mine once said “I only travel if there is beer in the invitation”. I do agree, to a certain level. I have never believed that video could replace all physical meetings involving 2 or more locations.  The point is, that most meetings, could one way or another utilize video. If not to reduce the travelling, but to increase the visual contact between the physical meeting. And the part I have learned to love the most in our video-enabled organization, I have all my experts with me on, in all meetings, wherever my meetings are, or wherever my experts are located.

For anyone familiar with video, most of this is obvious. But still the utilization of video in most organization is not good enough. Old endpoints, bad remotes, little or no knowledge about possibilities. Through the year’s interfaces for users have become easier to use, but for many companies, they had bad experiences and they have put their “babies” in the corner.

With the technology now bringing together older video endpoints with Skype4B, consumer Skype, browser, phone or device of your own choice, the possibilities are endless. Being objective or not, I do think it is virtual insanity to not use the force of these tools everyday. And you will hopefully end up not spending a lifetime in airport security or a traffic jam. (4 tracks from the Jamiroquai album there, but you get the point;0) )

Videonor works day and night to enable all organizations, all endpoints, and all users to join the program on getting more out of everyone’s time. We work to be the glue that makes it all stick, on any platform, supporting technology but most of all assisting the people using it. Make them join the revolution, and get more time… to maybe go see that concert… with that old funky band they still love…

And for you that have endpoints, have Skype4B, glue just became stronger. Contact us for information about our Skype4B Gateway or our PMR products:

torbjorn moi
Torbjørn Moi, VP of Products & Solutions

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