Why you should register your video endpoints to the cloud

Why you should register your video endpoints to the cloud

Spotlight by Madison Wright, Marketing Director, Videonor 

Since I began at Videonor a little under a year ago in the Boston, MA office, I’ve noticed a big difference in the attitude toward registering video endpoints with our United States customers, and with my colleagues’ customers in Europe. The reluctancy to register endpoints in the US came as a shock to our Norwegian offices, so I wanted to take the opportunity to dive into why there is a gap in standards, and really illustrate the importance of registering your endpoints.

The first thing to note, is that if someone invests in state of the art video systems like Cisco or Polycom, they clearly care about quality.  But making these investments is 95% of completing the process – the last and final step is relatively low cost, and will make a a big difference crossing that finish line into a superior video conferencing experience.

First, a little background….

Once upon a time, there were only two ways to register an endpoint:

#1 Register endpoints via IP

While registering via IP comes at nearly no financial cost, other costs are numerous:

  • No security: disruptive robo calling, fishing
  • No interop: endpoints cannot connect to Skype for Business, WebRTC
  • Poor dialing experience: if you’ve ever dialed confusing IP addresses (rather than SIP), you know how annoying this is. Also there’s no customized branding options to make your address more memorable or professional
#2 Register endpoints via ON-PREM SERVERS

While an on-prem video server solves the problems IP registration presents, VCS requires a time consuming set up, and incurs massive financial costs, including:

  • General maintenance costs
  • Server costs: servers have a 3-5 lifespan and are around $40,000 – this can be a large investment that you have to plan for especially if there’s a couple year span for when it may land on the books.
  • Employee time & resources: an average of over $60,000 USD for an IT Systems Administrator (via payscale)
Now, there’s a third solution: register video endpoints to the cloud.

Why? It’s time to cross the finish line in completing an outstanding video conferencing network. Devices registered to the Videonor cloud are:

  • Highly secure, (no robo calling or other interruptions)
  • Interoperable with Skype for Business and WebRTC, meaning your meeting participants can call the endpoint right from a browser on their laptop, or even from their Skype for Business app
  • White labeled and brand customizable (implement a custom SIP address like:
  • A fraction of the cost of a on-premise server – and with a SaaS model so it’s non-longterm binding, and scalable

The “how” is easy – it takes merely minutes to set up your Cisco, Polycom, or another endpoint to the cloud with a Videonor tech support member.

The first time I used an endpoint registered to the cloud I was immediately spoiled – it was a smooth process, sleek, intuitive, and covered up my usual fumbling around with technology – I looked like an expert.

But don’t take my word for it – shoot us an email to get set up with a trail in minutes & launch your devices into the next generation of video conferencing solutions.


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over a year ago

Well wriitten!!

Gurmeet Singh
over a year ago

Dear Team,
We are looking for cloud service UCaaS, looking at your web page about registering endpoints to cloud, we are interested in more details for such service offer. Therefore, please contact me on my email or phone at +45 30177618 to discuss further!
Gurmeet Singh

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